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Crew Management


A model with the top quality of the ship/crew managementfor chemical tankers in Worldwide

  • To create and maintain a valued customers(Shipowners and Crew)
  • To keep a good reputation on crew and equity between Shipowners' and crew's interests
  • Creating lasting value for all customers involved to the ship performing any activities in a competitive, profitable and responsible ways
  • To exert a steady efforts with confidence
  • Selecting reliable and suitable partners, seafarers and shore staffthen directing energies for a creative directionand building family-ship among these members
  • Taking positive action with the strong will and team work,from long/wide range of view
  • High Priority to retain the present CKSHIP pool crew well trained for years promoting more good relationship with themselves and their families
  • Serching and Establishing Muliti-Crew Pool system with multi-resources
  • Quality comes first before a saving costs(closely consulting with the owners)
  • Providing with differential service on Knowledge based(Know-how of tank cleaning and Oil Majors/CDI inspection)
  • Our staff can speak English and Japanese with sea-career on Chemical tankers and can help your company with your crew selectionand ship management.
  • We currently managing 16 chemical tankers based on 2020
    - Korean : 120 (Senior & Junior officers)
    - Chinese: 70 (Senior & Junior officers)
    - Myanmar: 180 (Junior & Ratings)

The Principles of Ship Management are Safety, Quality and Environment Management

  • CKSHIP's Safety, Quality and Environment management system is fully certified in accordance with ISM code by KR.
  • Technical management for the chemical tanker IMO II&III "MT SUNMARINA(12,000DWT,SUS316L)" from July.1999 until February.2003
  • Full management for our own chemical tanker "MT CK PIONEER(2,200DWT, Epoxy coated, IMO III)" from Sept.2008 until May.2012
  • We are ready to undertake any type/size of chemical tankers any time with enough skilled manpower sources including crew and our own Know-How on managing chemical tankers since 1973.



We can provide you with expert consultancy services;

  • Pre-vetting inspection for Oil Majors and CDI
  • Shipboard preparation for Vetting inspection & PSC
  • ISM and ISO Audits
  • ISPS including assessment audit and preparation for Ship Security Plan
  • Pre-Purchase ship condition inspection
  • Dry-dock repair supervision
  • Cargo handling and tank cleaning supervision
  • Pre vetting services basis on OCIMF and CDI standards and safety auditing of Chemical tankers giving on board training to the crew and to assist Master for preparations against vetting of Oil Majors.

    We have conductted over 300 times for all kinds of oil majors and CDI on chemical tankers on behalf of shipowners/managers/operators since January, 1991